How To Play

How to Play Kaza?

Cards Explained

Open a Basket

Choose a Basket Card and open it.

Let Me Peel Peek!

Choose 1 Closed Basket Card, peek secretly and put it back. The player can choose to tell the truth, lie or not to tell what he/she sees.

Pass Back to You!

Reverse the playing direction and let the player before you play again.

I Go Toilet!

Pretend to go to the toilet and skip your turn.

You Help Me!

Choose 1 player and force that player to play for your turn. The game will continue from the next player of the player who helped you.

Ah!!!! Cover Back!

Passive card. Use it when you open the Basket Card containing Kaza.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use play card to skip the Character's power that used on me?

Can not. You can not go toilet or ask people to help you when you are chosen by another player to use the Character's power on. But you can use "Ah!!!! Cover It Back!" when the consequences is causing your life.

How to continue after someone used Character's power card?

After settle the power card, the player used the Character's power consider end turn, and then continue to the next player of player who used the character's power.